Dear Parents ,
I am delighted to work with Susie and her excellent team at Glenone Montessori and Nursery to ensure the Food and Nutrition Guidelines For Pre-School services as published by the Health Promotion Unit of the Department Of Health And Children are implemented . This  will reassure parents and carers that their children’s requirements for growth and development are being provided through the varied meals and snacks being offered whilst they attend the preschool service.
The early years in a child’s life are of key importance for their future health and well being. Ensuring good nutrition at this time will lay the foundation for long-term positive attitude to healthy eating.
Healthy eating among school children has been shown to have social and developmental benefits. The food served in preschool services is of key importance especially for children in full time day care. Recent research has shown many preschools are not adequately meeting children’s requirements and are short on basics including fruit, vegetables and dairy products.
The Preschool setting provides an excellent opportunity to promote healthy eating and being active as part of a healthy lifestyle. These skills will not only stay with your children throughout life but will help ensure that your children will take full advantage of the learning opportunities provided in preschools.
Margot Brennan
Consultant Dietitian M.I.N.D.I