Me and You Music at Glenone
Mischa O'Mahony is Mommy to Lottie and Iarla, a music teacher , a professional musician and is the founder and owner of Me and You Music. She has a masters degree in music from Trinty College. 
Mischa teaches in Dublin pre schools, primary schools and The Ark childrens cutural centre. She also composes for theatres, and plays saxophone with "The Sax Sisters" and "Jerry Fish & the Mud Bug Club".
 Since 2009, Mischa hosts  "Me and You"  music classes at Glenone the last Friday of each month for our Baby, Wobbler, Little Montis & Big Montis  pre Montessori groups and also for our Junior Montessori Academy class. Parents are invited and welcomed to participate in these fun music appreciation classes.
Mischa explains " My classes are all about enjoying discovering
this musical world. I aspire to encourage children to celebrate music,to tap into their own musical roots, and not least: to become great musicians that can sing, improvise, communicate, express, compose and have a lot of fun. The best way to become a great musician is through active music making, by picking up an instrument, singing a song or just clapping your hands...
at an early age !
During my classes I focus on the following musical ingredients:
singing (songs are at the hearth of my classes), developing rhythm and pulse, introducing music idioms like loud-soft, low-high, and slow-fast. We discover and explore sound in stories, enjoying improvisation and starting with musical notation and composition.
The instruments that are used, apart from our lovely voices, are small percussion instruments like shakers, wrist bells and claves.
I also use pitched instruments like xylophones and pitched bells for more melodic work.The children are gradually introduced to more challenging songs, rhythms and games, that continue to encourage their musical abilities and understanding, while developing their inner-hearing and confidence in music settings.
As the children make their journey through Glenone from the Baby
Room up to Junior Montessori Academy, music will be a part of their wonderful montessori experience and they will be ready to start learning to play the violin with Ms Enid Conaghan in the Senior Montessori Academy ! ".